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Private Pilot License

The Private Pilot License (PPL) will give you the freedom to fly as you like with passengers to just about any location, day or night. With forthcoming pilot shortages, earning a PPL certificate can be a great way to start your career as a pilot, or it may be the first step in a lifetime of simply flying for fun.

The FAA has a set of requirements to becoming a licensed private pilot which we have outlined below:

  • Minimum Age: 17 Years to earn certificate (16 to Fly Solo) although training can start at any age
  • Be able read, speak and write English fluently
  • Minimum Total Flight Time: 35 hoursĀ 
  • Dual Instruction Flight Time: 20 Hours (flight time with an instructor)
  • Solo Flight Time: 10 Hours
  • Third-Class FAA Medical Certificate (we can help direct you to a local Aviation Medical Examiner to obtain this certificate)
  • FAA Written Test
  • FAA Practical Test (Checkride)

Our proven and easy to follow curriculum focus on the follow 3 stages of training:

  • Initial and pre-solo training
  • Cross-country operations
  • Practical test preperation

Contact us today if you are ready to start flying or have any questions. We love to talk flying and would be happy to help explain any details to help you get started!